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Activity Monitor is a great tool to use if you want to log and monitor the activity of employees or anyone in your home who uses your network. This program comes with an interface that’s jam-packed (and can be overwhelming), but is relatively simple to understand and use.


At first glance, Activity Monitor looks crowded. Numerous icons line the top menu bar while additional folders line the bottom of the Activity Monitor home page. To the left of the screen are names of monitored people. To the right of the screen are view and recording options. After using this program once, it becomes apparent how the program works.

Main Function

The main purpose of Activity Monitor is to monitor network activity. Sometimes, an employee may not be working while using a network computer. Activity Monitor will find out if that employee is really work, how often work was completed, and what that employee did during work time while using a computer. Activity Monitor performs its intended tasks well, and this program installs and uninstalls without a hitch.

Extra Features

Activity Monitor comes with remote monitoring. This feature is really useful if you travel a lot or just want to monitor a network from home. The remote monitoring feature is simple to use and highly efficient.


You can try Activity Monitor for free for 15 days. After this trial has expired, the program can be purchased for $189.95. If you have a large network that’s accessed by many people throughout the course of a day, Activity Monitor is worth the price.

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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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